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Some of you visitors will know of my history as a songwriter and musician with the Kursaal Flyers; and Eddie and the Hot Rods, with whom I spent a number of enjoyable years recording and touring.

This is the latest incarnation of the website. There are some pages added, and some deleted. All in all, there are some new song pages, including personal versions of Hot Rod and Kursaal hits, plus a new page with new demos. These are likely to be polished up for my next CD release, or for as-yet-to-be-decided projects.

I am intending to listen to many live recordings by the classic Hot Rods to see whether any can be resurrected for release. I'm also hoping to buy the video from the classic line-up get together at the 229 Club last June. I would like to release it together with some old 2-tracks from the Life on the Line tour. It requires much archive-retrieval so it may well come to nothing.

My last CD "Eclectic" is available here by mail order. It was recorded in the Basement Studio, Brixton, mixed and mastered by Steven Forward at Human Worldwide, Paris. As a matter of interest, the Basement Studio is no more; it has been transformed into the Old Kitchen Studio.

You can buy copies of the CD or mp3 downloads here. You can pay using PayPal or ordinary CC.

One new piece of equipment has found it's way into my live set-up. I read about a US designer, Jesse Hoff, who hand builds beautifully-toned boutique amplifiers (see Lazy J). I decided to invest in a J35 and it has lived up to expectations in terms of purity of tone. I notice an immense difference from the pick-ups on my various Strats.

I'm still looking to play in various parts of the country during the remainder of the year. I am negotiating with my West Country friends to see what I could put together during early to late autumn. If you'd like me to visit your particular venue, please click here to send me an email and we can discuss your event.