Equipment used live and in the recording of Eclectic

Instrument Description
bs .....Two black Strats, one olympic white and one candy-apple red. All maple necks. DiMarzio Fat Strats, Lindy Fralins, Lace Sensors and Seymour Duncans. Schaller machine heads. Lately joined is a cream Fender Telecaster with the Gene Parsons B-string Bender.
lic .....Red 335 Lucille and Burgundy Les Paul Standard. Totally unmodified.
.....Takamine EF341C. If it's good enough for the Boss, it's good enough for me. A recent addition and one for Solo shows.
r3000 .....On the rare occasions that I actually use a real electric bass, I will turn to this one, a Rickenbacker 3000. This seems to be a collector's item as it doesn't seem to be available any more.
vint .....LazyJ 35 3x10. I have been using this in my live rig for the best part of a year and a bit. Totally impressive.
vint .....Peavey Vintage 4x10. Rebuilt many times over the years. SS input stage, 6L6GC output valves. I've owned this since I bought it from BJ Cole in 1974.
mackie .....I'm using a pair of Mackie SRM450s for my live rig in small venues, purely because I can get these in my car!
apb .....An analogue mixing stage for the live rig. This is an APB-Dynasonics 1U 4M4S rack mixer - an attempt to combine the space-saving aspects of digital with the warmth of analogue.
fur .....A Furman M-10Lx Power Conditioner for the live rig - you can never be too careful about power supplies in venues. The number of times I've had tingly lips on getting close to microphones is scary.
dd .....MIO ULN-2 expanded +DSP. The world's best Firewire Audio interface - I've recently added the MIO ULN-8 to the collection so that I can record live drums, bass and guitar simultaneously.
adam .....I have used the S4V Mk 2 monitors for a number of years and found them to be excellent. Mind you, if they're good enough for Abbey Road, then they sure are good enough for me!
add .....This program is more than sufficient for my needs when it comes to drum programming. I have tried quite a few programs and this seems to have the best feel to it.
ant .....I use this program quite extensively on my vocals. That says more about the state of my vocals than I care to admit, but this program is very useful.
lfp .....Recently I tried out these pickups on my 70s Strat and found them quite twangy (which I liked) and quite powerful which I also liked. With a modification in wiring by Brinsley Schwarz at Chandlers Guitars, I'm very happy with them.
wav .....Some must-have plug-ins are among the Mercury bundle that I, currently, use.
gtr .....Waves GTR Ground - I used to use this in live performances when I have no other backing musicians. Together with Mainstage (Logic) it allows a certain amount of control over backing tracks. The amp simulations are pretty good.