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Some of you visitors will know of my history as a songwriter and musician with the Kursaal Flyers; and Eddie and the Hot Rods, with whom I spent a number of enjoyable years recording and touring.

Both of my solo CDs "Eclectic" and "G2" are available here by mail order. You can buy copies of the CD or mp3 downloads from the Shop page - You can pay using PayPal or ordinary CC.

I have been and will continue to be recording and mixing new songs for my next, as yet untitled, CD. Some of the music will be put up on the appropriate pages here before too long. I have also rearranged some of the songs that I play in my live set - expect new versions of those songs.

it's about time that I managed to put up some new songs - I have been trying to fit videos to a few new ones, but I think I'll just put then up here on the Unreleased page for the time being.