Songs from G2

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Brief notes on the songs:

  1. City of Angels:
  2. Counterfeit World A book by Daniel Galouye suggested that "reality" might not be all that it's cracked up to be.
  3. Kitchen of Knives: The lyric was written by Charlene Matthews - I hope I did justice to the angst expressed.
  4. Breaking Point: Sometimes used as the soundtrack to some critical moments at Arena Essex, where the speedway stars shine.
  5. Younger than Yesterday: The title, shamelessly stolen from the Byrds, refers to a sense of "the older you get, the younger you act".
  6. Tonight before Tonight (candlelight mix): A second version of the song, following on from the original recorded by me, on vinyl, in the Engineers, since deleted.
  7. Trinity Assurance Company: I despair of religions and most religious thought that involve "My God is better than your God and to prove it I'm gonna kill you".
  8. Straight down the Line: This was originally meant as a theme tune for a TV series which never got commissioned. My pocket is still feeling the absence of royalties.
  9. Road to Glory: This song was written by Jimmy J Miller, who provided lead vocals on this CD.
  10. House-Husband Blues0: featuring Ben Waters on piano.
  11. Say, girl!: An outing for my Gibson 335, which, rarely, gets to travel.
  12. Pilgrim Ghost: An attempt at a theme based on the book "Not Fade Away" by Griel Marcus. A good novel.