Songs from Eclectic

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Brief notes on the songs:

  1. I promise you: A vain hope that I might get some plays at weddings and other such anniversaries.
  2. Walking back to you: This was meant as part 1 of the Scottish suite. A modified "Silver Wings" re-recorded in traditional style was meant to be Part 2. This was a fruitless attempt to get invited to guest on “Transatlantic Sessions”
  3. Missy Missy: I have a young niece named Missy, so this is for her. The lyric does NOT, in any way, refer to her but to a totally fictitious person.
  4. Rochford Boys: The true-ish story about the formation of the Hot Rods (and if you believe that, you'll believe anything!).
  5. One of those moments: As John Sebastian once put it “have you ever had to make up your mind?”; this song shares a similar sentiment. You might notice a guest appearance by Ben Waters on piano.
  6. Calleigh duQuesne: A tribute to the first lady of pistolry in Miami Dade. Don't know whether it's the blond hair or the Louisiana accent that does it for me but she sure is a hot-shot!
  7. Tonight before tonight (rock mix): Paul Shuttleworth suggested this arrangement of the song and we attempted to record it in Sweden with the bogus Kursaals. I never heard the finished version so this is my version.
  8. MauMau Sisters: A famous Hollywood Star returns home to Staten Island to visit her childhood home and reminisce.
  9. Boogie-woogie boogie: I've attempted to play some boogie-woogie (I knew I should have invited Ben to stay over).
  10. Moses and Mohammed: Will this get me on some fuckwit's hit list? Cool out boys, it's not like any of this is true to life.
  11. Crocodile tears: Some women are good at the art of manipulation, generally those of them that have been schooled in drama queenery.
  12. Just like the rain: A version of the K's song. I never thought we did this song justice in the recorded version. Here's an attempt to rectify matters.