Hot Rods and Kursaal Flyers

These are songs, originally recorded by the Hot Rods and Kursaal Flyers, that I've re-interpreted.

  1. Pocket Money The Kursaals always seemed to wimp songs up, maybe because of the instrumentation. Originally, I intended this to have a similar feel to Free's All Right Now, but it never got tough enough. I think I've given it some balls here.
  2. Driving all night The Ks always got an undeserved 'sexist' tag for this song. Here I've taken the original Cruising for love, and tried to re-write the lyric to be less predatory.
  3. I'm gonna survive Another HR demo that never saw the light of day.
  4. Little does she know An attempt to toughen up the masterful orchestration of Mike Batt.
  5. Making the body This was a demo that appeared on the Curse of the Hot Rods. I've attempted to give it a Diddley Shuffle
  6. My sugar turns to alcohol A song that was covered by Dr Feelgood.
  7. Tour de Force My own version of the classic.
  8. Ugly Guys Another classic, given a slightly tougher treatment
  9. Yellow socks One more for the tough box
  10. Do anything you wanna do I won't attempt to match the Steve Lilywhite recording or the manic playing. I do put in an extra verse that might add something to the song.
  11. You better run The HRs never hit the groove of this song, because they tried to play it too fast. Easing back on the tempo finds the groove.