New Songs

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As-yet-unreleased Songs - these are all demo mixes.

1. I will give you the night: A song written in my head on the road back from Joshua Tree to LA. The video for this features some of the sights on that little trip.
2. Stand your ground: This features sax by my good friend Johnny Sax, who took the opportunity to depart this cursed island some while back. E-Street Band feel is intentional
3. Snapshots from a dreamscape: I've always wanted to write a song about car racing on the highway and speedway crashes. Think of it as a follow-on from the Kursaals' 'Speedway'
4. The moon looked down: A strange feeling came over me as I wrote this - a sense of enormous regret that so few wealthy elite could think so little of ordinary people that they could subject them to a period of 'I'm alright, Jack' and convince them that it was in their best interests to go along with their machinations. Democracy died with Rupert Murdoch and his press baron cronies.
5. The two of us: A regretful story about the rekindling of an affair that should never have been ended.
6. Who's fooling who: I wrote this originally as Boris Blowhard Johnson was elected as Mayor of London.
7. Jive, baby, jive: A dance tune for those of us old enough to remember that dancing didn't have to be a singular occupation.
8. North of the border: A Christmas song that was written as MAGA Trump was failing to make the USA great again. I didn't know what a traitor he turned out to be.
9. England in flames: Another bloody political song about the state of a 'special?' country.
10. Born cross-eyed: The idea for the song was 'Born under a bad sign' - you can see how far I was influenced by Albert.
101 Only the locks: Here are three songs in collaboration with lyricist Will Birch. They have been gathering dust for some while, so it's about time they saw the light of day. I don't know what or who Will was thinking of in this song, but I'm sure it wasn't about a real woman
12. Peggy, sue!: One of Will's plays-on-words lyrics, giving advice to a Susan who has been wronged. He told me a while back that some other muso had written some music for this, but wtf.
13. Coming down with love: This lyric, and the accompanying song, was meant to be featured in a film that never even got started, consequently never saw the light of day.