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Eclectic and G2 CDs are available for mail-order purchase, using


You may use a Credit Card if preferred, or your own PayPal account.

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I'm afraid that, with the outrageous charges by the Post Office, I can no longer absorb the postage and packing rates. I apologize unreservedly, but it is out of my control. All CDs are sent by First-class mail. One CD only will cost £2.80 and both CDs will cost £3.00 in postage.

For those of you wishing to buy only one or two mp3 songs, I will send you a download link by email once I receive notice of credit to my Paypal account. I can't work out how to do this automatically - I will use your email address on your Paypal account to mail you the song files, unless you tell me otherwise.

If CD purchasers wish to have mp3 copies of the songs so that they can be played on iPhones or other mp3 players, please Click here. On Facebook here and I will send you a download link.